Supporting your child’s learning
The Ministry of Education has developed resources for parents to support children’s home learning especially in reading, writing and mathematics. Please view and access these here.

Early years
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School – If your child is going to be absent from school, please phone 315 7208 before 9am and leave a message on the school answer phone including the reason for the absence. For reasons of safety, a phone call or message before school is the best method. It is not permissible for any child to leave the school grounds without permission from their teacher and informing the office. It is your child’s right to have access to education, so it is important that attendance is regular and punctual. 

 – If your child is not travelling on the bus to school please phone the driver Michael on 0275299339 before 8am. All bus children are asked to fill in an intention sheet each term with their after school arrangements. If this changes for any reason please let the office know before 2.45pm (leave a message if unattended). For safety reasons we must know who is on the bus.
Costs for items of stationery, travel, visiting shows etc will be put onto an account which will be posted out at the end of each term. We ask that these are paid promptly either by cash, cheque or online. 
Larger costs like camps or uniform need to be paid before children attend them.  
If you account is unpaid at the end of the year; we will require cash up front for any future purchases, or trips until it is cleared.
If you are having issues paying the school back please come and speak to us so we can come up with a plan.  Thank you.
After School
To guarantee children’s safety, all children are expected to go straight home after school. When alternative arrangements have been made for your child after school please phone the office or send a note to your child’s teacher.  Children are welcome to play in the school grounds after school and at weekends under parental supervision, but no pets please. Children are asked to play away from classrooms and the office block.
Bike Safety
It is the Board of Trustees recommendation that “no child under 10 years of age will ride to or from school unless wearing a cycle helmet and accompanied by an adult”. Children will wear helmets at all times. Helmets must be fastened and fitted correctly. There is a bike shed at the front of the school and behind the pool where they can be locked.  Children must dismount from their bike before they enter the school gates and walk the bike around to the other bike racks at the back of the pool.
Board of Trustees
The Board is comprised of five Parent Trustees, a Staff Trustee and the Principal. They are responsible for all areas of governance. The Board has the power to co-opt other members to the Board as the need arises. Elections are held every 18 months. Minutes are available to read in a clear file in the school office and on the school website.

Book Club
Once a term your child will bring home a pamphlet from the Scholastic Book Club, which is stamped with a date that orders are due.  Please return any orders with cash or cheque only (make cheques out to Scholastic New Zealand Ltd).  Please place orders in an envelope and write your child’s name on the front.  
If you’d like to pay by credit card, please use the LOOP ordering system – go to and follow the prompts to place your order.
All orders usually arrive back at school about a week to 10 days after they are sent away and sorted by the office then given to the children (or kept at the office for you to collect).

The school bus run is owned by Go Bus.  Children must be at their gate 5 minutes before the bus is due.  To be able to use the School Bus service, Year 1 to 8 children must live more than 3.2kms from the nearest state School.  If your child(ren) is eligible for bus transport you will need to complete an application form – available from the office.  Any behaviour concerns on the bus must be directed to the Bus Controller (John McBride), not the driver.
B.Y.O.D (bring your own device)
Students in Years 5 to 8 may bring their own computer or ipad to school but must adhere to the school B.Y.O.D. policy.  An agreement form needs to be read and signed by both parent and student.


We need to keep all contact details accurate and current in case of an emergency. Should you change your address, telephone number, email address or emergency contact information, even temporarily, please inform the school as soon as possible.

There may be times when you have a concern about aspects of your child’s education. On these occasions it is vital that your direct your concern to the school. We would much rather know about it and be able to alleviate your concerns.  Please contact the classroom teacher in the first instance and then the Principal.
Complaint Policy
Our school has a formal complaints process, which can be located at School Docs.  The policy outlines who to first contact with regard to a concern or complaint.  It is important that if you have a concern, you should direct your concern to the First Contact person and in accordance with the procedures set out in the policy.  If the matter is still not resolved then you are to contact the second person.
A termly calendar is sent out four times a year, which outlines the main school events occurring during that specific term.  Each weekly newsletter will also have a section title, ‘The Week Ahead’.  There is also a copy on our school website –


Dental Therapist
Our Dental Therapist is Jenny Stewart. She brings the Mobile Caravan to our school once a year, usually in Term 1, to screen all the children. If any work needs to be done an appointment is made to attend the larger caravan at Amuri Area School. If you have any concerns or you would like your child to see the Dental Therapist at any other time please phone 0800846983.

Education Outside the Classroom (E.O.T.C.)
E.O.T.C. is a regular feature of learning programmes.  Children make use of the local forest and village area to support their learning when relevant.  There is a ‘blanket approval’ form for parents to review and sign upon enrolment to give permission for participation in local low risk learning opportunities.  Trips out of the Hanmer Springs basin are arranged as appropriate to support specific inquiry programmes where further permission is sought.  There are numerous sport opportunities with other schools in the district throughout the year.  Year 5 to 8 children attend school camps.  Which are held both locally and further afield ,with the senior students all having the opportunity to attend a Wellington camp by the end of Year 8.

Enrolment at School
Children can start school on their 5th birthday and are required to start by their 6th birthday. Please make contact with school at least 4 weeks before their 5th birthday so we can meet with you and provide the required paper work to fill out. Children have a number of half day visits to the New Entrant room where they begin to familiarise themselves with routines and meet other children. Suitable days are organised with the junior school teachers.

A parent donation is requested and is voluntary.  This can be paid by the term or paid in one lump-sum for the year.Donation amounts are as follows:
  • $60 ($15 per term) – 1 child
  • $90 ($22.50 per term) – 2 or more children
Donations are automatically charged over Terms 1 to 3 ($20 per term single or $30 per term multi) to your account and then removed if not paid by the end of the year.  We will send out an official receipt for donations received for tax purposes.

Your child’s health is important to us and some points to note are:- Please inform us of any medication your child is having at school (including pain relief medication).  You will need to fill in a Medical Authority Form and drop the medicine at the Office.  If your child is unwell please keep them away from school. Extra days convalescing at home after an illness are important to eliminate a viral or bacterial infection spreading to other children plus they need time to get their strength back to take a full and active part in school activities.- Please inform the school office of any changes to your child’s health eg. allergies- A First Aid kit is kept at school to attend to any minor injuries or conditions.- If your child becomes ill at school, we will phone parents to collect them. If this is not possible your child will be looked after in the school sick bay. In the case of more serious illness or accidents they will be taken to the local Medical Centre and parents phoned.  If your child has had diarrhoea or vomiting they must stay away from school for 48 hours after the last episode. Also note, a child may not swim within 36 hours of having diarrhoea. 

Hire of School Buildings
Anyone wishing to use the school buildings please seek permission from the Principal and complete an agreement for hire of Hanmer Springs School facilities.  Charges may apply.

Home and School Association
Home and School Association is a parent-run group, who meet monthly to organise different activities for fundraising.  All profits from this fundraising help purchase extra resources for the school to support the children’s learning.  Please visit the school website for the Home & School Facebook site. 
Internet and Internet Safety
The school has a large number of computers and ipads for all children to use. With the Enrolment Pack there is a Cybersafe Agreement Policy form to sign. All children must have permission by signing this form before they are eligible to use the Internet. We take cyber safety very seriously and all digital devices used at school go through an effective filtering software package to ensure that the sites visited are age appropriate.  Digital citizenship and cyber safety are a part of our health programme.

The school library is currently being housed in the Office building.  The library is open:
* Tuesday 8.30 – 9.15am for students, their siblings and parents
* Monday 12.50 – 2.45pm for classes, and
* Friday 12 – 12.30pm for students
All classes are given library time to change books which are issued for 2 weeks. Overdue notices are sent home if the book(s) are a few weeks late. If a book becomes lost parents will be invoiced for a replacement. We ask for your assistance in ensuring that books brought home are looked after carefully and returned when they are due.

Lost Property
Please ensure clothing and personal property is named so it can be returned promptly to its owner should it be lost.  Lost Property can be viewed in the wooden box outside Kereru at any time. At the end of each term lost property clothing is sorted and displayed for collection. Any items remaining are washed. Logo-ed polo shirts and polar fleeces are put onto the secondhand uniform rack for sale and the remaining items are given away to charities.

Children are supervised each day whilst lunches are eaten. They sit for at least 15 minutes. Lunch orders can be placed with either the Bakery or Log Cabin who deliver orders to school. It is parents’ responsibility to place and pay for the order before midday. Children are not allowed to leave the school grounds at lunchtime.  We have drinking fountains at school so no fizzy or energy drinks at school please.

From time to time a message needs to be sent to parents, for example, reminding them of a meeting or postponement of sports activity. The school communicates in a number of ways; by its Facebook page,  text messages, phone calls and the website.  We also use an app called SkoolLoop NZ, which is free to download.

Important messages and the weekly school newsletter are available on the school website and Facebook page. 

Money at School
If money needs to be brought to school, for example, for a bookclub order, please place in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, amount and reason clearly on the outside and given to the school office.

The newsletter is published each Monday. It contains messages from the Principal and Office. Children are also recognised for any special achievements. There is also a space to include any notices from the community. The Principal’s weekly report may be viewed on the school website and the notice board (outside Piwakawaka).  Additionally an email reminder and link is sent out weekly.

The News Centre on the school website contains latest news, stories and events from the children.


Parent Help
A much appreciated aspect of the school day is the help parents/caregivers are able to give teachers in various ways.Volunteers are called for when needed in all rooms, but please offer your help at any time if you wish. Please contact class teachers.

Personal Effects
Children who bring toys, watches and other personal effects to school do so at their own risk.  No money is to be brought to school unless it is handed to the office at the start of the day. No jewellery is to be worn, especially earrings, as they can be a danger when playing on the adventure playground. Children with pierced ears may only wear plain studs.
Phone Calls
If you need to speak to someone in the office please phone between 8.30am and 3pm, otherwise you can leave a message on the answer phone which is always checked before 3pm. 

Policies and Procedures
If you wish to check on a specific policy or procedure you can do so through SchoolDocs. To do this go to the Board of Trustees tab on this website and click on Policies and Procedures in the sub pages. This will take you to the SchoolDocs site. Here you can search through and access all school policies and procedures.


Reporting to Parents 
1) A Parent Information Evening is held in the first few days of the new school year for general school information for parents.
2) Goal Setting Conferences with parents and their child, are held early in Term 1 to set goals for the year and learn more about children from their parents.
3) Mid Year Report goes out at the end of Term 2 for all Years 4 – 8 children.   
4) Years 1 – 3 children receive a Mid-Year Report after they have completed six months and eighteen months of school and then an End of Year report is sent after a child has completed either one two or three years at school.   
5) Learning Conferences are held at the beginning of Term 3 to reset goals for the second half of the year. It is also a chance to expand further on the mid-year report.   
6) Years 4 – 8 children receive an End of Year report.   
7) Each class has a Facebook page which shares events occurring within the class. There is also a closed group where parents can enter and view pieces of their own children’s work. If you want more information on this then please consult your children’s teacher.   
8) Further information from parents is found in the weekly newsletter and the school website.

Road Safety
To ensure the safety of children, please do not drive into the school grounds between the hours of 8:30am and 3:15pm.  The only access for vehicles to the school is through the gate on Jollies Pass Road. The driveway on the western side of the school is the entrance to the school house. PLEASE KEEP THIS DRIVEWAY CLEAR AT ALL TIMES. Please do not drop off or pickup from this driveway – this is a safety measure. Parents delivering or picking up children are asked to park on the school side of the road and please watch for children as they leave school. Please note the speed restriction signs at either end of Cheltenham Street which warn motorists of the school zone. No cars are to park in the school bus stop before 9:30am or after 2:45pm.
School Rules Not Mentioned Elsewhere
  • Children are not permitted to bring chewing gum, lollies or bottles of sugary drinks to school, especially energy or fizzy drinks. We have filtered water available through two fountains.
  • Children with long hair should keep it tied back at all times, especially for safety reasons on the playground.
  • Sunhats are compulsory during terms 1 and 4 as per our Sun Safe Policy.  Sunhats are issued to all children and the cost of $17 is added to their term account. 

Secondary School
Our nearest secondary school is Amuri Area School in Culverden. A school bus service service runs daily picking children up in the centre of the village at 8am and returns at approximately 3.40pm. Please refer to their website for any further information. 

Sporting Events
Throughout the year Hanmer Springs School takes part in sporting events with the other schools in our geographic cluster.These events include:
  • Hurunui Swimming Sports (Years 5 – 8)    – Cheviot or Waiau
  • Hurunui Athletic Sports (Years5 – 8)    – Culverden
  • T-Ball (Years 3 – 4)                           –  Scargill Domain
  • Softball (Years 5 – 6)                           – Amuri Area School
  • 7 a’side Tournament (Years 4 – 8)       – Amuri Area School
  • Cross Country (Years 4 – 8)                 – Waikari School
  • Hurunui Duathalon (Years 5 – 8)      – Hanmer Springs
  • Kiwi Sport (Years 1 – 6)                      – Scargill Domain 
Transport is requested from parents for these events. From time to time there may be other events organised.

Children in Years 5 – 8 are required to start the year with stationery from the list provided at the end of term 4. We put a list up on Office Max, however you can get your stationery anywhere.  Throughout the year, children can get stationery as needed from our small shop at school.  These are put onto your account.  Children in earlier years get all their stationery at school.  This is charged at the end of every term.

Swimming is part of our Physical Education programme so all children are expected to participate. Our own school pool is open in Term 1 for Swim Safe instruction organised by teachers.  Children also have access to the Hanmer Thermal Pools for a school wide based swimming instruction programme called Waiswim (Years 1 – 6 only) for two weeks in Terms 1 or 4, which is led by professional swim instructors. 
There are two swimming school sports which are held in Term One: a) A competitive event held at the Hanmer Springs Thermal pools, which is predominantly for Years 4-8. b) A non-competitive event held at the Hanmer Springs School pool, which is predominantly for Years 1-3.

Skateboards /Scooters/Bikes Skateboards, scooters and bikes may be used at the discretion of the staff at playtimes (currently Wednesdays only), but safety helmets must be worn at all times.

Year 7 and 8 children travel to Amuri Area School every Wednesday morning (12.30pm) by school bus to attend Technology classes in woodwork and cooking. They return to Hanmer Springs School at approximately 3.15pm.

When children are attending sporting events or other class trips outside of Hanmer Springs we ask parents to help transport them. Parents offering to transport children are reimbursed a small amount to help with petrol costs which is credited to their child’s term account. Children being transported are charged the same amount on their term account.
The present rates per child are:        
  • Rotherham/Waiau/Culverden    $5                                                                 
  • Hawarden/Scargill     $7                                                                 
  • Cheviot/Christchurch                  $10                                                               
Parents offering transport must have a current full licence and their vehicle must be warranted and registered – we keep expiry dates on file. A Parent Transport Form must be signed for all trips.  We also require drivers to be police vetted if transporting children other than their own.  Forms are available in the Office.


The Hanmer Springs school uniform is compulsory.  Samples of our uniform are available in the office.  Please order through Mainland Uniforms  
Please see uniform policy on the links to the right.